Coronavirus Deep Cleaming

Coronavirus Deep Cleaming J R Cleaning

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deep Cleaning And Fogging Service

 Specialist COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Disinfection & Sanitisation

Deep Cleaning And Fogging For Coronavirus

In need of deep cleaning and fogging services during the Coronavirus pandemic? J R Cleaning is here to help. We know it is a stressful and challenging time for many individuals and businesses. Ensuring your premises are clean and germ and virus-free during this time are essential. As a result, we have developed a specialist deep cleaning strategy to provide complete Coronavirus sanitisation. Our team closely follow all guidance from Public Health England to provide a safe and reliable service for both domestic and commercial use.

Our Specialist Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deep Cleaning Strategy

To ensure your home, workplace or store is completely sanitised, we have formulated a deep cleaning and fogging strategy to help tackle Coronavirus. When you choose J R Cleaning, you can rest assured that your premises will be thoroughly sanitised and left sparkling clean. Our specialist Coronavirus (COVID-19) deep cleaning strategy includes;

  • Touch Points: We know that surfaces are easily contaminated, and we focus our cleaning on tackling this. Whether we are cleaning your office, factory or home, we will ensure all regular touch points are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised using our powerful products. These touch points include regularly touched areas such as door handles, light switches and bannisters.
  • Fogging: After thoroughly cleaning touch points, surfaces, carpets and upholstery, we will carry out our fogging process. Our team will use a powerful germicide and sanitiser that has been NHS approved for disinfecting effectively. Our fogging process will ensure a deep clean throughout and leave your premises sterilised for up to 7 days.
  • Carpets And Upholstery: Our team of cleaning professionals will professionally clean all carpets and upholstery in the property. We use a biocidal cleaner along with high powered hot water extraction machinery to ensure a deep and thorough clean. The cleaning products we use are effective against all types of bacteria, including Coronavirus, HIV and Hepatitis B.



Coronavirus Deep Cleaming J R Cleaning

Domestic And Commercial Cleaning For Suspected Coronavirus Cases

We are able to offer a cleaning service for any premises where there has been a suspected case of Coronavirus (COVID-19). If your business or home has had a suspected case of the virus, please inform us prior to making cleaning arrangements so that our team can be properly prepared and protected. When we attend a site with a suspected case of Coronavirus, we will wear full PPE to protect ourselves and our customers. This includes;

  • Disposable Suits: All our cleaning team will attend the site in disposable hazmat suits for additional protection. This is to avoid any cross-contamination, and we will responsibly dispose of the suits when leaving the premises.
  • N95 Face Masks: Our team will be equipped with N95 face masks in order to protect themselves from being exposed to Coronavirus while cleaning.
  • Disposable Gloves And Shoe Covers: To ensure every last part of our team is protected and avoiding cross-contamination, we will all wear disposable gloves and shoe covers to any sites with suspected cases.
  • Coronavirus Deep Cleaming J R Cleaning

    We use a range of different chemicals to help sanitise premises from Coronavirus and other bacteria. Our team will use s Virucidal Cleaner, which is commonly used to fight cross-infection in care homes, schools, gyms and many more public places

    We also use a Virus and Bacteria Eliminators which work to destroy enveloped viruses. Coronavirus is an enveloped virus, similar to Influenza A, Chicken Pox, HIV and Hepatitis C. This means the virus is enclosed within a lipid membrane which is used to attach it to a host cell. Once connected to a host cell, the virus can penetrate it and replicate itself, causing it to spread further.

    Most enveloped viruses are very weak when they are outside the human body and can be easily killed using disinfectant and hot water. Various agents are effective for destroying enveloped viruses, including common bleach and alcohol. One of the main issues with using alcohol is that it works quickly to kill bacteria but is limited in how long it can last.

    Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, or QATs, are effective when left on a surface to kill the virus completely, and they work by disrupting the envelope membrane. One of the best things about using QATs for sanitising against Coronavirus is that they can be used on almost all surfaces, including soft furnishings, carpets and hard surfaces.

    We use these products for our deep cleaning and fogging services, giving you peace of mind that your premises will be appropriately sanitised.

    Coronavirus Deep Cleaming J R Cleaning


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