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Why Choose J R Cleaning for Your Mattress Cleaning in Maidstone

When you consider the average mattress is harbouring at least 2 million living dust mites, it stands to reason that we want to ensure that its cleaned in the right way. Although there are devices that are able to help clean out homes clean, only a professional mattress cleaning company is able to offer a fully hygienic clean that looks to eliminate the aforementioned dust mites, making you less likely to allergic reactions as you sleep.

J R Cleaning has over 20 years’ experience within the mattress cleaning sector, and is able to offer a number of professional mattress cleaning solutions regardless of the type of mattress you have. J R Cleaning is able to treat every mattress within the home, or simply carry out a one-off cleaning solution.

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J R Cleaning is able to assess each job separately, so customers can be assured that the service delivered is not a uniformed one, but one that is tailored to your specific requirements.

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To ensure the mattress is cleaned thoroughly, J R Cleaning employs the hot water extraction method. As well as being able to eliminate mites and mould, the cleaning process also removes any soiling present within the mattress. 

What’s more, thanks to the method used, your mattress normally dries within a few hours. This ensures that you have full use of your mattress sooner rather than later, safe in the knowledge it has been cleaned thoroughly and professionally.

Not only does J R Cleaning have the experience necessary to carry out a professional mattress clean each and every time, but it will even offer a pre-treatment solution to help keep mites and moulds at bay moving forward.

If you’re currently looking for a professional mattress cleaning company, then why not contact J R Cleaning today with your requirements.

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Why Clean Your Mattress in Maidstone

When deciding how important the cleaning of your mattress actually is, you need to take a few factors into account. The first should be the fact that many of us spend up to a third of our lives in bed. As we spend such a cast amount of time in bed, it should come as no surprise that our mattress can suffer as a result.

As we sleep, warmth and moisture are released throughout the mattress, making it a breeding ground for mould. While this may not be a problem in the early stages, there comes a time when a thorough mattress clean is required.

Some may attempt to clean the mattress themselves, but in some instances this only deal with dirt and grime that’s present on the surface of the mattress, leaving the initial cause intact. The mattress cleaning service on offer from J R Cleaning not only deals with soiled areas with ease, but it ensures that a full extraction is carried out, removing any unwanted mites and dust particles, making it a healthier sleeping environment.

As well as offering customers a full hot water extraction, it also uses products that are toxic-free and free of odours. So those who may worry that cleaning their mattress could cause them irritation need not worry.

If you’re currently looking for a mattress cleaning solution that’s both professional and affordable, then why not contact J R Cleaning today to discuss your requirements further.

How J R Cleaning Cleans Your Mattress in Maidstone

Given how long people spend in bed, JR Cleaning understands how important the cleaning of your mattress is, and as such, is able to offer a complete cleaning solution. Firstly, J R Cleaning will assess your mattress to ensure the right kind of treatment is applied and the correct equipment is used.

J R Cleaning will then carry out any necessary spot treatments to ensure that any stubborn surface marks are dealt with. In most instances a full hot water extraction will be carried out that looks to remove any unwanted dust particles and mites that may be present within the mattress. The mattress itself is normally dry within a number of hours. J R Cleaning can then apply treatments to the mattress should they be required.

During its many years in the mattress cleaning sector, J R Cleaning has been able to clean a number of different mattresses within a number of different properties, meaning that regardless of how big or small your mattress cleaning requirements are, J R Cleaning can offer a reliable and professional service each time.

To ensure our sleeping conditions are the best, it is recommended that sheets are changed every two weeks, and mattresses are cleaned at least once a year. Adhering to this guide lines will ensure that your sleeping is never an unwanted breeding ground for a number of mites and dust particles.

Of course, you may still have questions in relation to the mattress cleaning process, and J R Cleaning welcomes any questions or queries you may have. If you are currently searching for a reliable carpet cleaning solution, then why not contact J R Cleaning with your requirements today.

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