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Black Mould Removal

Introducing our mould removal service: The Ultimate Solution for Black Mould Removal

Mould is a persistent issue in many environments, and its presence can be particularly troublesome for estate agents, landlords, and commercial business premises. That's where our mould cure service comes in. The highly effective black mould remover we use is designed to address mould infestations in a variety of settings, providing a comprehensive solution for property maintenance.

Our mould cure applications can be used in various situations:

Cold External Walls: The 'Mould Cure' we use is specially formulated to treat mould on cold external walls, making it ideal for areas behind furniture where moisture tends to accumulate.

Bedroom Walls & Ceilings: Particularly effective on bedroom walls and ceilings, especially those adjacent to chimneys where mould growth is common.

Kitchens: Combat black mould resulting from high moisture levels in kitchens due to cooking and washing up, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment.

Hard Finish Furniture: Our 'Mould Cure' treatment is suitable for wiping down mould from hard finish furniture, including melamine surfaces.

Bathrooms: Remove mould from bathroom paint finishes, tiles, and grout, maintaining a clean and sanitary space.

Windows: Address black mould growth around windows, including glass and window frames, ensuring a clear view and preventing further damage.

Utility Rooms: Effectively remove black mould from utility rooms and laundry areas where high humidity is often present.

Key Features:

Concentrated Formula: The mould cure we use is a potent concentrate, treating up to five times the area of spray-applied products. This efficiency ensures cost-effectiveness for estate agents, landlords, and commercial businesses.

Essential Pre-Treatment: For walls and ceilings affected by black mould, Mould Cure is an essential pre-treatment before redecorating with Anti-Mould Paint, ensuring a long-lasting solution.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality:

Good ventilation is crucial for a healthy indoor atmosphere. Fungal infestations thrive in warm, moist conditions with poor airflow. Our mould cure treatment not only removes existing mould but also emphasises the importance of ventilation. All remedial mould treatments should be complemented by measures to enhance airflow, creating a healthier and more habitable environment.

Choose J R Cleaning for a comprehensive black mould removal service, trusted by estate agents, landlords, and commercial businesses seeking effective and lasting results.

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