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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels In Liverpool

Solar panels in Liverpool are a fantastic addition to your home or business, as they can help you become more sustainable. However, your solar panels can possibly attract potentially annoying pigeons. After installation, the area beneath the panels becomes warm and provides a place for birds and pigeons to nest. Unfortunately, this new guest is not welcome, as they can damage your solar panels and hinder their performance.

These birds can also cause damage to your property in general. They can ruin the appearance of the exterior of your property, which is especially detrimental if you run a business. JR Cleaning offers a solar panel bird proofing service in Liverpool, which includes putting up bird spikes to help deter birds from nesting beneath your panels and perching on your building.

Importance of bird proofing your solar panels

Bird proofing your solar panels is essential for any building, as birds can be loud and messy. Birds can also damage the panels with their droppings, which can start to cover the surface of the solar panels, making them less efficient.

Pigeons, in particular, can cause significant damage to the performance of your solar panels. Their droppings contain high acidity levels, which can damage the surface of your solar panels and even erode the wires, stopping your solar panels from functioning at all.

Therefore, without bird proofing your solar panels, it may cause long-term damage, which can be costly and time-consuming. Plus, bird droppings, scratches and dirt on your solar panels can be unsightly.

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Bird proofing your solar panels

Since solar panels in Liverpool are such a high cost, upfront expense, it is crucial they are looked after, which means bird proofing them properly. JR Cleaning can carry out an inspection to establish the best form of bird proofing for your solar panels and property.

Bird proofing involves forming a barrier around the perimeter of the solar panels to stop birds from nesting beneath the panels. Bird proofing barriers can include bird mesh wire, bird spikes, solar skirts or other barriers suitable for your property.

Our bird proofing process in Liverpool

JR Cleaning has extensive experience when it comes to installing bird proofing for solar panels and will ensure that your property or buisness is cared for during the process. Typically, we will access the site to establish what type of pigeon proofing your property needs before removing any unwanted nests already beneath the solar panels. We want to ensure the safety of any birds, so we will ensure none are trapped beneath the solar panels before installing the barrier.

To further ensure the performance of your solar panels, our experienced team will clean the solar panels and remove any accumulated bird mess.

Our overall aim is to ensure your solar panels are performing as they should while bird proofing them to improve their longevity.

Different types of bird spikes

Bird spikes are a standard method for bird proofing buildings and solar panels. These discreet yet effective spikes will help deter birds from perching or nesting on your property in Liverpool. Not only can bird spikes protect your solar panels, but they can also stop birds from damaging things such as guttering, chimney pots or beams. Certain birds or a mass of birds can cause damage simply by the pressure they add when they perch on your property.

There are different types of bird spikes to consider, which JR Cleaning can talk you through, many of these spikes can be attached to both curved and flat surfaces. Stainless steel bird spikes are a common choice for commercial and domestic properties, as they are less visible than plastic bird spikes. Stainless steel bird spikes will protect a larger area and will remain sturdy for a long duration of time.

Plastic bird spikes are another option to consider and are less expensive but less sturdy than stainless steel spikes. The benefit of plastic bird spikes is that they are available in various colours, so you can opt for ones that match the aesthetic of your building if you wish.

Benefits of using bird spikes

Having bird spikes professional installed on your property will provide various benefits and advantages. For example, bird spikes:


  • Help stop birds from perching on your property
  • Are humane and harmless
  • Will be suitable for deterring birds or different sizes
  • Are easy to install
  • Are relatively inconspicuous

Birds spikes are not designed to hurt birds; instead, they are simply there to deter birds from perching on your property, which could cause damage or unwanted mess. The bird spikes are blunt, which will prevent birds from getting injured, and will also ensure our team will not get hurt while installing the bird spikes on the property.

This humane form of bird control is effective against large birds and is a durable form of bird proofing that will last for years. With the flexible base, different materials and colours, bird spikes are suitable for various properties wanted to maintain the appearance and quality of their property.

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Why use JR Cleaning?

As a fully insured business in Liverpool, with over 20 years of experience in the bird proofing industry, you can rest easy knowing that all our work is done to a high standard. Whether we are making your solar panels sparkle or installing new bird and pigeon proofing on your premises, we will get the job done to a professional and high standard, making your space look refreshed and clean.

If you have any questions or queries about our solar panel bird proofing services in Liverpool, please get in touch with us today, as we are happy to help. We can also provide you with a free quote or arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements further.

Improve the efficiency or performance of your solar panels by contacting our dedicated team at JR Cleaning, and we can ensure your solar panels are safe from birds.

Where can we install bird spikes in Liverpool?

While bird proofing your solar panels in Liverpool is essential, we can install bird spikes in various places on your property as a deterrent to birds. For example, we can install bird spikes on window sills, ledges or chimneys, to name a few, to help protect the structure from birds gathering and perching on your property.

We will assess your property to establish what bird spikes will fit the dimensions of the location you need, which will allow us to install the correct ones.

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