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Rubbish and house clearance

Unlike a one-off house cleaning service or similar, our rubbish and house clearance services operate on a larger scale to clear bulky or unwanted waste from your home in Rochester. We understand that items can build up over time in your home, making it too hard for you to handle on your own. Luckily, you don't have to clear the items by yourself, as JR Cleaning is here to help you regain your space.

Whether you are looking to clear some unwanted large items to make way for newer items, or you need help clearing a hoarder's home, we have the expertise and knowledge to clear your space safely, efficiently and professionally.

What happens before the house clearance process?

Rubbish clearance can signify a fresh start, however, it can be a stressful time for some people, which is why our team at JR Cleaning will work with you before the process starts to ensure a smooth transition.

Before the rubbish and house clearance service starts, we recommend you decide what items you want to be cleared and which items are definitely staying. Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to decide which items stay and which need to go, as sentimental attachment to some items might make it a time-consuming process.

Make sure you check cupboards, storage spaces and other areas, especially if you opt for a full house clearance service in Rochester, as you do not want sentimental or valuable items lost in the process. Always check drawers, the bottom of wardrobes and other areas that you might not have touched in a while, as you never know where important documents might have fallen.

At this stage, you might uncover items you want to donate to charity or sell, which we recommend putting safely aside.

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Why should you use JR Cleaning?

JR Cleaning in Rochester is fully insured and qualified to handle your rubbish and house clearance needs. The removal process we will use will take into consideration the welfare of your home to ensure we are moving unwanted items carefully and safely.

As a family-run business in Rochester, with over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, you can rest easy knowing that we will look after your property as we have the expertise and experience to carry out each job professionally and safely.

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What happens during the Rubbish clearance process?

JR Cleaning in Rochester understands that each bubbish clearance job will be different, so we will discuss your requirements before arriving at your property. We may even inspect the property to establish what work needs to be done.

Typically, however, we will have an experienced team arrive at your property at a predetermined time, and they will load the unwanted items from inside your property into the adequate transport. Our team will remove any unwanted rubbish along with the items you no longer need, and they will dispose of them in a safe manner, according to health and safety guidelines.

Benefits of hiring a rubbish and house clearance specialist

Using a rubbish and house clearance specialist for your property has various benefits. Not only will it free up your time and leave you with a refreshed and clear space, but you will also have these benefits.


While it might sound easy to remove rubbish and unwanted items from a property, it actually requires knowledge and a certain level of expertise. Some waste could pose a health and safety hazard threat, which means it needs to be disposed of in a specific manner. With an expert cleaning service, such as JR Cleaning, you know that your rubbish in Rochester and any dangerous items will be handled with care and will be disposed of safely.

Cost effective

While it might seem counterproductive to hire a cleaning company to clear your property to save money, it is actually more cost-effective than doing it yourself. Not only will it free up your time, but you will not have to spend your money or time moving items, transporting goods or recycling rubbish correctly, as our team will handle every aspect of the house clearance process.
It is more cost-effective as you will also not have to buy the necessary tools and safety gear that JR Cleaning will bring to each job, depending on the scale of the job.

Hoarding help

Another benefit of hiring a rubbish and house clearance specialist is that clearing an entire property is a monumental task, especially if you are clearing a hoarder's property. JR Cleaning takes some of the pressure away and offers a helping hand to remove and dispose of any unwanted items from the hoard.

Health benefits

Clearing your property of unwanted items and rubbish specifically comes with a long list of health benefits. When you keep your surroundings clean, you will be minimising the presence of unwanted dirt, and you will be keeping dust allergies under control.
Having a clear space free of rubbish will also help minimise stress and be more welcoming, which means you can invite guests over. A clean and clear space will also help you sleep better and boost your overall mood.

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