Brick Cleaning In The UK

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The DOFF Brick Cleaning System in the UK

The DOFF Steam Cleaning System is often used for stone cleaning, but it’s versatility also extends to cleaning brickwork, and there are several benefits that set it apart from other brick cleaning methods:

Gentle Cleaning Action:

The DOFF system employs a combination of high-temperature steam and low-pressure water, providing a gentle cleaning action that is particularly suitable for delicate brickwork. This ensures that the surface is thoroughly cleaned without causing damage or erosion to the bricks.

Efficient Removal of Biological Growth:

Biological growth on brick surfaces, such as algae and moss, can be effectively removed by the DOFF system. The high-temperature steam not only cleans the visible growth but also eliminates spores, preventing regrowth. This efficiency surpasses traditional methods that might not tackle the root causes of… [read more]