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Carpet Cleaning Thamesmead

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Free Sanitising & Stain Removal Kills 99.9% Of Bacteria & Germs

Fully Trained & Certificated By Prochem Over 20 Years Experience
We Move The Furniture Included In The Price
We are a family run carpet cleaning business

J R Cleaning  are fully trained, insured and experienced to carry out carpet cleaning work in Thamesmead
to the highest industry standards and will only leave your property when you are totally happy with all the carpet cleaning work carried out.
We understand the importance of customer service and are proud of our customer satisfaction record

Professional Carpet cleaning

J R Carpet cleaners Thamesmead
are fully insured, specialist trained and certified in the process of advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning. The cleaning method that we use is known as hot-water-extraction method (HWE), often referred to as steam-cleaning. We will leave your carpet looking as good as new once we have subjected it to our first-rate service. As well as cleaning domestic/residential carpets in Thamesmead we also specialise in end-of-tenancy carpet cleaning for Estate Agents and Letting Agents and can also take care of commercial carpet cleaning. Whether your home, office or rental property needs the carpets cleaned, we are here to help

Our range of services for carpet cleaning in Thamesmead include

Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning
Stainshield Insecticide Treatment
Total Hygiene & Allergy Protection
Flea Treatment
Dust Mite Eradication

Why choose us for Carpet Cleaning Thamesmead?

  • Family run business
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Fully trained & certificated
  • Fully insured
  • No VAT to pay
  • Sign written van
  • FREE Deodoriser
  • FREE  stain removal
  • Residential & Commercial
  • We move the furniture
  • End of tenancy specialist

Total Hygiene, Allergy Protection & Dust Mite Eradication 

For Mattresses, Carpets, Upholstery & Soft Furnishings etc

How it works

Millions of these household dust mites and their excrement are to be found in every home. Dust mite allergies together with bacteria and fungal moulds can be directly linked to over 50% of all asthmatic diseases. Other related allergies include eczema, rhinitis (hayfever), sinusitis, watery eyes, coughs etc.

Actigard is the safe highly durable and proven answer to a worldwide hygiene problem. Actigard treated textiles and carpets will eliminate the food chain that these dust mites thrive and procreate on. Without this source, dust mites, mould fungi and bacteria cannot develop.

Long Lasting Properties

Unlike other products that have a time-limited lifespan, Allergyshield remains effective continuously. As with ALL products of this type, a thorough washing process will remove them and they should be re-applied for continuous protection.

Insecticide effectively removes infestations of

Carpet beetles
Dust mites
Bed bugs

How we clean your carpets

Many of our clients in Thamesmead use us to clean their carpets at home and at work. We understand that keeping your carpets clean can be difficult, time-consuming and potentially expensive.
Very often, standard carpet cleaning equipment, such as the DIY machines, just don’t do the job properly and can leave your carpets looking worse than when you started; stains don’t get removed, carpets can be left wet and soon you can have a major problem on your hands. If you are trying to get a property ready for a new tenant to move in, then it doesn’t take long for the whole scenario to become very stressful.

Not only do the dirty carpets look unpleasant but harmful mites and bacteria can get into the fabric of the pile and reduce the life of your carpet. People suffering from allergies can be particularly badly affected if dust mites are present; even fleas from your pets can find their way into your carpets. Add to this the amount of food and drink that might get spilt on the carpet, particularly in a commercial environment, and the problem is immediately compounded.

In a business or rental environment, the presence of dirty and stained carpets can have a very negative affect. They may look unpleasant and even absorb smells, leading people to assume that the lack of care transmits through to your company or property. This can all leave a bad impression that everyone should do their best to avoid.
No-one can afford to replace their carpet frequently, but getting your carpet expertly cleaned will keep it looking good and retain the cleanliness of the environment.

Our hot water extraction machines clean your carpets efficiently, deeply and professionally. The addition of deodorising treatments and insecticides will also get rid of any smells or pests. Finally, a stain-guard application keeps your carpets and rugs looking better for longer.

As well as new customers from referrals, many of our customers are repeat customers who make use of our carpet cleaning service on a regular basis to maintain their carpets in tip-top and pristine condition.

If you are looking for a professional and reputable carpet cleaning company , get in touch now.

Call us now and find out for yourself just how clean your carpets can be - and at a much lower price than you thought possible!

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Our Prices


Lounge 12x12ft  £35

Though lounge 12x24ft £50

Hall stairs landing £35
upto 14 steps

Bedrooms £20

Rugs ( from ) £5

2 Bedroom House £110

3 Bedroom House £120

Stain protection £poa

Allergy, Dust mite Shield (Actigard) £poa

Deodoriser FREE

Non set stain removal FREE


Arm Chair fabric or leather £25 to £35

2 Seated sofa fabric or leather £40 to £60

3 Seated sofa fabric or leather £50 to £70


Single mattress £20

Double mattress £30

King size mattress £35


From £5

Minimum order £40

NO VAT. No Hidden costs.
Prices based on average sized rooms