A tiled roof, half of which has been cleaned of the moss evident on the other half.

Roof Cleaning Cranbrook & Roof Moss Removal Cranbrook

Roof Cleaning Cranbrook

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

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We are a family run roof cleaning & moss removal cleaning business

J R Cleaning are fully trained, insured and experienced to carry out roof cleaning work in Cranbrook to the highest industry standards, and will only leave your property when you are entirely satisfied with all the roof cleaning work carried out.

We know the importance of customer service, and are proud of our customer satisfaction record.

Roof Moss lichen Algae removal
Roof repairs & coating

Protect and restore your roof with roof cleaning from J R Cleaning

For fantastic results which secure and lengthen the life of your roof, select J R Cleaning, the roof cleaning experts in Cranbrook

Roof Cleaning Cranbrook & Roof Moss Removal Cranbrook

Moss, algae and dirt on your roof in Cranbrook not only tarnishes the look of your house, but they can also cause much larger problems. For many people, eradicating unsightly moss and algae is reason alone for roof cleaning. However, moss and algae additionally strip the protective layers of your roof, which leaves your entire home at risk.

Prolong the life of your roof

Having a clean roof through moss, algae and lichen removal helps to prevent roof decay, meaning your roof protects your home and your belongings from the elements. Having a regular roof clean means you are less likely to need expensive roof repairs, and can prolong the life of your roof before it needs repairing or even replacing. Cleaning your roof gives your home an instant refresh, but it also keeps it functional, giving your home the protection it deserves.

Why choose roof cleaning with J R Cleaning?

  • Low-pressure  roof soft washing  that leaves your tiles damage-free
  • Restores and enhances the appearance of your roof
  • Expert cleaning equipment and ladders to complete a meticulous and thorough job
  • Ensures a protected and functional roof
  • Fully insured with over 20 years of experience

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Roof coating in Cranbrook

In addition to cleaning and roof moss removal, we can also coat your roof to enhance its look and give your home further protection. Roof coating helps to extend the life of your roof and completely transform the look of your home.

At J R Cleaning, we are committed to providing you with excellent service and the finest quality tools and materials, which is why we choose Kingfisher Roof Coating products. Choose from a range of roof coating colours which will instantly refresh and brighten your home's exterior, and give you a stunning new roof appearance, for a fraction of the price of a new roof.

In addition to enhancing the look of your home, roof coating also gives your roof an added layer of waterproofing, and helps to resist moss and algae growth.

Keep your roof looking like new for even longer!

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With over twenty years’ experience, strict quality control and full insurance, J R Cleaning are a company you can trust to deliver the best results for guaranteed satisfaction.


Before / after pictures of a roof professionally cleaned by J R Cleaning.

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